Why I have Passion For Communication & Science?

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Reflecting upon myself, I found two things that mainly fuel and fulfill my life: Scientific knowledge, and having fruitful dialogues. Hence, my optimal passion would be in having effective communication about science and, and integrating science into the marketing communication field. My dream is to kick-start an organization that spreads comprehensible explanations of scientific theories, discoveries, and the useful application for our everyday life (mainly in marketing). I want this project to be bilingual (in English and Arabic). The place I came from, the Arab World, lacks any organization (public or civic) that concern itself with promoting science to the public. However, we […]

The Marketing Industry is Using Neuroscience to Learn About How Your Brain Works, and the Results Are Staggering!

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Marketing has discovered neuroscience and the shiny new product has plenty of style but very little substance. “Neuromarketing” is lighting up the eyes of advertising executives and lightening the wallets of public relations companies. It promises to target the unconscious desires of consumers, which are supposedly revealed by measuring the brain. The more successful agencies have some of the world’s biggest brands on their books and these mega-corporations are happy to trumpet their use of brain science in targeting their key markets. The holy grail of neuromarketing is to predict which ads will lead to most sales before they’ve been […]

What Can Marketers Learn From the Theory of Natural Selection?

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3 Marketing Lessons From Charles Darwin Written by Jessica Meher | @jessicameher In the 1800s, Charles Darwin made an extraordinary discovery in the Galapagos Islands. He uncovered 14 species of finches, where each of their beaks evolved over time in order to properly consume the food available on its island. This discovery ultimately led Darwin to theTheory of Evolution (or what’s also referred to as “Adapt or Die”), one of greatest revolutions of human history. Without the finches’ ability to adapt to the changing food supply, they all would have simply died out. When you think about Darwin’s Theory of […]

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